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The following video is a great reminder on how to insert, remove, and care of your contact lenses.

Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses are a great addition to glasses. There are numerous types and brands of contact lenses that we fit at our practice. Such include soft and hard contact lenses, astigmatism (toric) lenses, bifocal/multifocal lenses, daily lenses and even colored contact lenses.

Our optometrists will ensure that your eyes are fit with the right type of lens that fits your lifestyle, hobbies and occupation.

Various Contact Lens Brand that we fit include: Air Optix Aqua, Air Optix Night and Day, Biofinity, Proclear, Purevision, Acuve Oasys, and many more!

How Does the Contact Lenses Fitting Process Work?

Each contact lens has a different fit therefore our optometrists will chose the right lens for you. Based off of your glasses prescription you will be given a “trial” contact lens in which we will modify the fit/power of the lens. You will be asked to wear the contact lenses for 1 week and then you will be scheduled for a 1 week follow-up. This time period will allow you to determine if the lens is comfortable and whether you are seeing clearly through the lens.

At the follow up the optometrist will evaluate the contact lens on the eye and adjust the power/fit of the lens or even change the brand of the contact lens. Once the contact lens prescription is finalized you are free to order. Your contact lens prescription will be good for one year following examination.

How long can I wear my Contact Lenses?

Each brand of Contact Lens is FDA approved for a different wear schedule. Whether the lenses be approved for daily wear, weekly wear, or monthly wear it is vital that you wear your lenses according to the lens wear schedule to reduce the risk of complications and infections to the eye.